Cosmetic Colorant – Ultramarine Blue


Function      : Provides superior color purity & saturation. Tinted with titanium dioxide to create different blue shades.

Application  : All kinds of decorative cosmetics and colored cosmetic products. Personal care products including soap, cream and lotion, etc.

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Trade Name   : Ultramarine Blue

CI Number     : CI 77007

CAS Number : 57455-37-5

Properties      : Blue fine powder. Cosmetic grade. High purity inorganic pigment. Particle size > 1 micron.

Use                : Suspend in thick base before use. Miscible in water and oils.

Dosage          : From 0.1% according to products application.

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100g – RM96/pack, 10g – RM18/pack, 50g – RM57.6/pack


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