Pearl Collagen


Function       : Anti aging, anti wrinkle, skin repairing, hydrating, moisturizing. About 200X performances compared to traditional collagen.

Application   : Premium serum, ampoule, face mask sheet products.


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Trade Name    : Pearl Collagen

INCI Name     : Pullulan, Soluble Collagen, Mannitol, Trehalose, Sodium Hyaluronate.

Properties      : White puff spherical solid. pH 1% solution: 5 – 8. Net weight: 15mg – 20mg. Contain 25-35% soluble collagen. Obtained by yeast fermentation.

Use                : Stable to air if protected from humidity and heat. Dissolved in 2 to 5 ml of purified water, floral water and other water based serum.


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1 ball – RM24/pack, 4 ball – RM78/pack


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