Whitening -Kojic Dipalmitate


Function     : Whitening, lightening, skin toning, depigmentation, anti freckles, anti stretch mark / pregnancy mark.

Application : Skin whitening / lightening products, dark spot treatment, sunscreen products, BB and CC cream, etc.

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Trade Name   : Kojic Dipalmitate

INCI Name     : Kojic Dipalmitate

Properties      : Beige crystalline powder. Purity of 95% Ester of kojic acid which offer good stability.

Use                 : Dissolve in alcohol, white oil and esters. Stable at pH 5-8. Compatible with all kinds of preservative and sunscreen agents.

Dosage           : 1 – 5%.

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100g – RM96/pack, 10g – RM18/pack, 50g – RM57.6/pack


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